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Ozific International Consulting Co., Ltd. strictly abides by the law of privacy protection and other relevant legislations. We protect the information of job seekers and our corporate clients with cautious attitude where any unauthorised use or any unlawful disclosure of such information shall be dealt with relevant laws to ensure the privacy of job seekers and the interest of our corporate clients are fully protected.

Without the agreement of the job seekers, we will not provide any forms of information to any individual or corporation. Ozific International will fulfill the responsibility of protecting the privacy of job seekers and corporate clients. Similarly, we ask individuals and corporate clients to comply our rules of privacy to ensure the confidentiality of the information is safely protected.

Ozific International retained the rights to update and amend the information on privacy protection. Any new amendment made shall be published immediately. Please ensure our privacy protection policy have been read and understood before you use our services. If you have any doubts and suggestions with regard to our privacy protection policy, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

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