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Ozific International provides these following services for our corporate clients:

  Professional Staff Recruitment We can find the right candidates through all kinds of channels for corporate clients from any industry and the recruitment scope covers all positions and fields of expertise.
 Senior Executive Search  We keep track of the industry information while design a customised headhunting approach and execution plan according to each confidential search project.
  Candidate Competency Assessment The assessment would determine whether the candidate is able to perform the duty and possess the skillset required to ensure only the suitable talents are selected.
  Leadership Succession Planning We can assist the clients to establish a succession plan and system, so that our clients can build a first class succession team faster than others in the industry.
  Employee Outplacement Service We provide job search support for the resigned staff, so they would receive effective suggestion and assistance which also present a positive image for our clients.

Unique Features

  • One of the very few recruitment firms with talent research team in Taiwan.
  • Owns one of the largest candidate databases in Taiwan.
  • The only recruitment firm in Taiwan that is capable to find the target talent in any industry.
  • Possess a full range of resources and partner of multinational recruitment group in Taiwan.
  • Successful cases completed for SMEs, public listed companies and Fortune 500 MNCs.

We Ensure

  • Our clients can find the target talents even without in-house HR.
  • Our clients do not need to spend money on advertising on any Job Bank.
  • Our clients can find the key talent who is in line with their needs.
  • Our client can significantly reduce the search time for talents.
  • Our client can use the talent search budget more effectively.

We Promise

  • Only provide the most suitable candidates based on clients’ needs to avoid wasting your time.
  • Dedicated consultant responsible for your project, one contact window to avoid confusion.
  • Treat clients as partners, promote the clients’ brands and present a positive image.
  • Complete the project efficiently and provide ongoing consultation.
  • Comprehensive understanding of clients’ talent needs and provide one stop professional consulting services.

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