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The website is only available to users to provide lawful services and other career information for visitors to read. Ozific International respects the intellectual property of others, so the company urges users to also show the same respect to the intellectual property of others. If you believe that your work has been reproduced on this website which constituted copyright infringement, please provide the following information to Ozific International:

‧ The electronic or physical signatories of the copyright owners.
‧ The description of the infringed copyrighted material.
‧ The description of the website location of the infringed copyrighted material.
‧ Your address, telephone number and Email address.
‧ You understand the penalty of perjury and declare the information is correct and you are the copyright owner or authorised agent by copyright owner.

In addition, Ozific International forbids positing following contents on the website:

‧ Incomplete, inaccurate, illegitimate information, prohibits the job applicants to fill out experience that is not in line with their actual qualifications.
‧ Any message that is unrelated to job application.
‧ Modify or delete the contents of others or attempt to modify or delete the contents of others.
‧ Illegal intrusion and damage to the websites or any actions that deliberately attempt to retrieve the information of the website.
‧ Any individual or company use the email, phone number and any other private information for purpose other than recruitment.
‧ Any violation of existing law.
‧ Any breach of the copyright and trademark of the website.
‧ Any abuse of the website information.

Users who violate the above actions shall not allowed to use this website and may be subject to legal sanctions. The users who we identify as violators would receive a warning letter. In order to prevent the behavior from happening again, or we find this behavior as a senior breach of existing laws, we will immediately cease providing any service to the subject user and retain the right to use legal action.

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