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Career Agent

Our Career Agent is a personalised premium career service for the job applicants.  It brings the career consultant and the recruitment consultant together to offer the service and this service can only be found at Ozific International in Taiwan.

We provide an exclusive personal service for the job applicants from career planning till they successfully pass the probation period. This is a one stop service where we will work with the job applicants to identify career objective, design job application methods, introduce them to the target corporation while upholding confidentiality, train them to ace the interview till they are on board and pass the probation period.

If you are an elite individual of a particular industry, senior executive such as CEO or COO, an R&D Engineer possess special technical know-how, there are always issues such as non-compete clause when you plan to resign and confidentiality is always required.  This means you cannot utilise traditional channel to get in touch with interested organisation whenever you want to look for a new challenge, which indirectly hindered the development of your future career.

Our Career Agent will assist you to resolve this complexity.  We will act on behalf of you to initiate contact and negotiation with the target organisation, get rid of all the touchy issues so that you can smoothly resign and acquire that ideal job of yours.

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